Beach Snoballs

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Open Everyday
10927 Gulf Blvd., Treasure Island, FL 33706
Telephone: +1 727 379 2653

About Us

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New Orleans is home to great things like Blues music, Mardi Gras, gumbo and SNOBALLS! Snoballs are icy desserts made from freshly shaved ice and topped with various flavored syrups and creams.


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With over 60 flavors to top your snoball, there’s something for everyone! Stuff your snoball with ice cream, squirt it with sour spray, or top it with New Orleans cream (a local favorite). We have regular syrup flavors, creamy flavors and sugar free flavors available. All are DELICIOUS!

Our Crew

Meet our Crew
Meet our Beach Snoballs crew! Of course, the best way to get to know us is to come on over to Treasure Island, get a snoball and chat. But if you can’t make it out to Gulf Blvd.

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Beach Snoballs is a crowd pleaser so wherever you find people gathered to have fun, you'll find Beach Snoballs. That tall cool cup of finely shaved ice is soft as snow on a hot summer's day.
It's More than just a Beach Snoballs Party... it's an experience!